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John Frederick Harbeson Award

The John Frederick Harbeson Award is presented annually to a long standing member of the architectural community and is intended to recognize their significant contributions over their lifetime to the architectural profession and its related disciplines. The recipient of this award will have distinguished themselves throughout their career by their contributions to the architectural profession, the American Institute of Architects, the education of the architectural community, and their contributions to the Philadelphia community at large.

This award is presented in honor of John Frederick Harbeson. Harbeson was a lifetime Philadelphian who received his architectural training at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1910, and was immediately awarded his Master of Science in Architecture in 1911. Trained specifically in the Beaux Arts approach to the practice of architecture, Harbeson was quickly recognized by the Philadelphia architectural community for his ability to recall the conditions of professional practice and the architectural history of the early 20th century. Mr. Harbeson was an active member of the AIA and has been recognized for his numerous publications. Harbeson served as both the Chair of the Department of Architecture and the Dean of the School of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was noted as being chiefly responsible for the awarding of degrees to women. Throughout his career, John Frederick Harbeson received numerous honors, including a Citation of Excellence from AIA Philadelphia in 1984, and a Carpenters’ Company award for ’40 Years of Extraordinary Service & Fellowship’ in 1986.

The recipient of this award is selected annually by the Board of Directors. Nominations from Chapter Members are welcome. This award is presented during AIA Philadelphia’s Design Awards program.

To nominate a candidate for the Harbeson Award, please submit a letter presenting the candidate and why he/she should receive the award. Send the letter and nominee’s CV/resume (as attachments) to harbesonaward@aiaphila.org.  Nominations have closed for 2014.

Previous Harbeson Award winners include:

1989 - Edmund Bacon
1990 - G. Holmes Perkins
1991 - Anne Griswold Tyng, FAIA
1992 - John K. Rauch Jr., FAIA
1993 - Robert Venturi, FAIA and Denise Scott Brown
1994 - Robert Ennis, Jr.
1995 - John Freeman Hayes, FAIA
1996 -Warren W. Cunningham, FAIA
1997 - Charles E. Peterson
1998 - Louis DeMoll, AIA
1999 - Herbert W. Levy, FAIA
2000 - Henry Magaziner, FAIA
2001 - Steven Izenour, AIA
2002 - David A. Wallace, FAIA
2003 - Vincent G. Kling, FAIA
2004 - John Bower, FAIA
2005 - Robert L. Geddes, FAIA
2006 - Alan G. Levy, FAIA
2007 - John D. Milner, FAIA
2008 - Don Matzkin, AIA and Arlene Matzkin, AIA
2009 - Emanuel Kelly, FAIA
2010 - Paul Hirshorn, FAIA
2011 - Richard Bartholomew, FAIA
2012 - Hyman Myers, FAIA
2013 - Mary Werner DeNadai, FAIA
2014 - George Leicester Claflen, Jr., FAIA

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